Welcome to my new blog!

In anticipation of my upcoming new release, the young adult time travel romance WISHING YOU WERE HERE, I’ve decided to start a regular blog that will cover all types of creative topics related to writing, crafting and life in general. Many of you who know me personally know that I have a very strong technical background from years of working in the IT industry. I plan to incorporate some of that expertise into this blog as well with software tips for writers, maybe a webdesign tip or two, and things of that nature.

I currently teach an online class called Microsoft Word for Writers. One of the challenges of teaching such a class online is I can’t see your computer and you can’t see mine. The lessons rely on printed instructions (with lots of pictures!). I’ve long thought about adding videos to the lectures, showing step by step on a computer screen how to do different commands. Now I’m thinking maybe I’ll add a few tutorial videos to this blog as well, once I get the hang of recording. I’d love to provide tips and shortcuts to help writers with their manuscripts.

I’m also an avid crafter, so I’ll probably incorporate some of that into this blog, too. If it’s something like craft project directions, though, I’ll post the article on CreativeHandandMinds.com, a crafting inspiration site I contribute to, and place a link here so this blog doesn’t become too “crafty.” 🙂

I’ve debated quite a while about separating my “crafting” life from my “writing” life, creating a single “brand” that relates to one or the other, but you know what? They’re both such a large part of my life that ignoring one or the other in this blog, wouldn’t be telling the whole story. Plus they overlap so much it would be difficult to place a wall between them. So, just like a carousel that goes round and round, this blog will rotate topics to appeal to not only the writer in you, but the creative spirit all writer’s share. This could be crafting, cooking, or just musing about life. At the very least, the variety should keep things interesting.

I hope you’ll join me and let me know if any of the posts have been helpful to you.