NaNoWriMo Home Stretch

Track Finish Line Well, here we are the last week of November, the last week of Nano. How are your totals doing?

I haven’t been able to participate as much in Nano as I’d first anticipated way back that last week of October when it seemed like the perfect writing motivator, but I’m going to go for one final push this week and see how many words I can get.

I’d started out strong on November 1-2, but back then I didn’t know the release date of my upcoming book. When I learned the following week it would be Dec 15, everything changed. I suddenly had so many little details to attend to (some of which I’m still working on today) that writing on the regular schedule Nano calls for wasn’t going to work.

So November turned out to not be my month for long distance writing, but I’m hoping things will slow down a little in December. I can probably get a few writing sprints in there, at least early in the month, before the holidays descend.

But January is where I see a bigger opening for long stretch of writing. It’s after the holidays, it’s a new year, perfect for new starts. You have that “New Year’s Resolution” mentality going on. It’s perfect for revving up your writing engine.

Today I have managed to add another 2200 words to my Nano total, and I still have three days left to add a couple hundred (or a thousand!) more.

So if you’re stuck in a Nano rut like me, don’t give up. Go for that final push. The finish line is in sight.