YA Blog Hop: Unexpected Time Travel Can Sure Change a Girl’s Plans


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… That’s right, just like the 1972 song says, the theme of this young adult blog hop is Changes. And what a great theme it is. Characters in young adult novels are all about changes, changes going on in their lives, changes happening in the world around them, or as in the case of my heroine, Callie Reinard in the time travel romance WISHING YOU WERE HERE, a little bit of both.

In WISHING YOU WERE HERE, Callie’s about to head off to college, which on one hand will probably mean lots of changes, but she’s not afraid at all. In fact, she’s so looking forward to it that she thinks of little else, much to the frustration of her younger sister who thinks Callie has lost her mind in these grand plans of hers to one day own her own radio station.

But that’s what Callie is, a planner. So the change of college doesn’t faze her because she’d planned for it for years. What she doesn’t plan on, is falling back in time to 1957 and finding herself in a position to save a famous rock musician from an untimely death.

In this strange new world where suits are everyday outfits, passenger planes take seventeen hours to cross the Atlantic and hamburgers cost a nickel, Callie finds herself floundering in a sea of change she’s had no preparation for. Her plans for the future have gone right out the window, along with her sanity, or so she thinks at first.

1957 is nothing like the world she grew up in, and trying to apply her modern mentality and liberated attitude to the situation just makes a whole lot of trouble for herself and everyone around her. Including that talented musician she saved from death. To make matters worse, Callie can’t help falling for this charming, enigmatic boy. He may be her age, but he’s five decades out of her league and already engaged to a stunning, sophisticated beauty queen—someone much more comfortable with life in 1957 than Callie will ever be.

So, what’s a girl to do? Follow her heart or follow her dreams and plans? Either way, for Callie Reinard it means change. Either she needs to change her plans, change her dreams, or change her mind about what her heart wants, because getting out of 1957 doesn’t seem as easy as it was to get in. At least not without losing the one thing she didn’t even know was missing—her soul mate.

Wishng You Were Here by Catherine Chant Book Cover

WISHING YOU WERE HERE (Soul Mates, Book 1),
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