A Look Back, a Look Forward

It’s that time again! New year, new goals.

But before we make new goals, it’s always a good idea to look back at the previous year to see what we accomplished.

I kept track of my annual goals in one of my handy-dandy Scrivener binders. Corkboard View makes it so easy to see at a glance what I did last year.

What I Did in 2014

Catherine Chant's 2014 Goals on Scrivener corkboardI count 7 “Done!!” cards. That’s not too bad. 😀 Some of those goals were pretty lengthy.

So in 2014: I released my second Vampire Diaries novella; I released a special Soul Mates novella as a gift to my newsletter subscribers; I taught (more than) 8-10 online workshops; I blogged at least once a month; I redesigned my website and I cataloged all the UFOs (unfinished projects) in my craft room.

What’s on deck for 2015

Some (most) of those remaining “To Do” cards will stay on the list, but I’ll add a few more based on things that came up over the past year that I’d like to accomplish in 2015.

Here’s how 2015 is looking so far:

Catherine Chant's 2015 Goals on a Scrivener corkboardI have three new workshops debuting in 2015. That was actually a goal I forgot to put on my 2014 list (write a new workshop), but managed to accomplish anyway.

I have a new romance novella in the works thanks to my NaNoWriMo efforts back in November, and my biggest project for 2015 will be the release of Soul Mates #2: NOTHING STAYS THE SAME. Yes! It’s finally going to be released. More details to come (hint: sign up for my newsletter if you want to be first to hear more about this new release, plus another special Soul Mates project that will be coming in 2015.)

🎶 🎊  Here’s wishing everyone a happy and productive 2015!   🎊 🎶   — guess who just discovered her emoji keyboard! 😀


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