“Help Me Name the Band” Summer Contest for Book 2 in the Soul Mates Series

Round Logo with Peace Love Smile words around edgeWe’re coming into the home stretch for the release of NOTHING STAYS THE SAME (Book 2 in the Soul Mates series), and I’m running a fun little contest to come up with a name for the all-girl singing trio that Leah Reinard gets drafted into back in 1973.  I hope you’ll play along.

Each entry will be judged on how well it suits the story. If your suggestion is chosen to appear in the book, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book when it’s released, as well as mention in the acknowledgments page of the book.

Two runner up entries will each receive a copy of the book when it’s available.

If none of the suggestions feel right for the book, I’ll randomly pick a grand prize winner for the gift card and two runner-ups  from all entries submitted. All three will receive a copy of the book when it’s available.

A few guidelines for the name:

1. It can’t be used already (obviously) or too similar to an existing singing group, past or present (no parodies of existing group names, please). Google is your friend here. 🙂

2. It needs to be mod, groovy and totally 70s (early 70s, not disco!).

3. The trio is three teen girls, the music is bubble gum pop, and it’s a made-for-TV group on a Saturday morning kids show, so it should be fun and catchy and G-rated. Think, Josie and the Pussycats or The Banana Splits. Something you’d see on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine. Also, something easy to say if you’re in the record store asking for their latest song.

4. The featured singer in the trio is Mary Kingston-Tate. [Sorry, The Kingston Trio is already taken. 🙂 ]. So the group could be named after her in some way (e.g Mary and the … ). The other girls in the trio are Daisy Lerner and Leah, who is going by the name Layla Birch (you’ll see why in the book), so if you want to use the initials in their names in some way, that’s fine, too.

Above all, be creative, have fun with this. Channel your inner peace child and get your psychedelic funk on. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The contest will be accepting entries June 1 – August 28, 2015, midnight EST. Maximum of  three entries per person.

Winners will be notified via email and announced in my September newsletter, and the Scribbling Divas September newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet for one of them, now’s your chance! Newsletter subscribers will receive sneak peeks of the book before its release, and be first to know when it’s in stores. Last summer subscribers received a free copy of the Soul Mates novella before it was announced to the public, so you never know what goodies are in store unless you subscribe. (My newsletter only goes out when I have major news. The Scribbling Divas newsletter goes out once a month.)

ENTER THE CONTEST HERE (via Rafflecopter)

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 😀


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  • Congratulations to Charlotte Copper, winner of the Help Me Name the Band summer contest, and the two runners-up Cyan C. and Jim Clark. I’ll be in touch via email about the prizes, and if you’re curious about what their entries were, sign up for my author newsletter by August 31 to receive a sneak peek of the scene from NOTHING STAYS THE SAME where the characters discuss the band name. I’ve worked in not only the winning name, to be used throughout the book, but mention of the runner-up suggestions as well.

    The next newsletter is comes out Sept 1.

    As a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest and gave me so many great options to choose from, I’m putting your names on a list for free copies of the book when it’s available. I’ll be in touch via email closer to release date to get your format preference.

    Thank you again for playing along. Stay tuned for more fun contests!.