New YA Release: Strawberry Summer by Charlotte Copper

The idea for Charlotte’s new YA release, STRAWBERRY SUMMER, came to her while volunteering last year at her home town’s annual Strawberry Festival in Stouffville, Ontario. While they do have a dunk tank and movie night, everything else in Charlotte’s story comes from her imagination and her love of strong, young heroines.

About the Book

What could be better than working the dunk tank on a hot summer day with your best friend? How about catching the eye of the cute new boy?

Olivia is volunteering at this year’s Strawberry Festival when she meets tall, buff and curly, Aidan. If the two are to stand a chance, they must look past their scars and overcome a few misunderstandings.

Strawberry Summer by Charlotte Copper

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Brief Excerpt

“You’re cold,” a deep voice said as a finger trailed lightly down her arm. Her breath caught and the bumps multiplied.

She turned around to see tall, buff and curly standing behind her. Half a head taller than her own five-feet-seven inches, she looked up into bright blue eyes framed by long thick lashes. Why did boys always get the beautiful lashes?

“Sorry,” he said with a chuckle. “I didn’t mean to make them worse.”

Olivia crossed her arms over her chest; the thin material of her dress and swimsuit would offer little coverage to her body’s reaction.

“It was a lot warmer in the sun,” she managed. Don’t say anything stupid, Oli.

“It’s going to be a hot one later.”

Ask the Author

Let’s get to know more about Charlotte:

What inspired you to write STRAWBERRY SUMMER?

Thank you for hosting me today!

Every year I volunteer at our town’s annual Strawberry Festival, and there are dozens of teenagers the help out each year. Some do it to fulfill the hours they need to graduate and others come back each year because it is a fun way to spend a few days and give back to your community.

Like STRAWBERRY SUMMER there are rides, vendors, movie night and a dunk tank. (And of course, strawberries and candy floss!)

What was the hardest part about writing the book?

The hardest part was trying not to sound like a parent. One of the girls gets drunk at the street dance. She of course is underage, so it’s wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

What did you enjoy most about writing the book?

I just celebrated the big 5-0, so of course putting myself in the head of a teenager was an enjoyable experience. I’d love to relive my youth with the knowledge (and the funds – LOL) that I have now.

What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

I’ve got an adult light sci-fi romance, REAL LOVE, releasing from Wild Rose Press in February as part of their Candy Hearts series. I’m also working through the re-writes of another YA book, CALIFORNIA BLUE, that I’d like to see released within the next year.

Author Charlotte Cooper having fun on an ATV

Author Charlotte Copper

About the Author

Charlotte Copper lives in Stouffville, Ontario – that’s in Canada, eh. When she isn’t working at her full-time job, Charlotte likes to craft, read, go to movies, and, of course, write. Charlotte hopes to have all of her stories published some day because, as a romance writer, she believes in happy endings!

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