New YA Release: California Blue by Charlotte Copper

I’m very excited to participate in the online release party for Charlotte Copper’s new young adult novella CALIFORNIA BLUE.

Just look at that gorgeous cover!

California Blue by Charlotte Copper Book Cover

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California Blue

by Charlotte Copper

Release Date: 03/31/16

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Series Name: Lunch Box Romance
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Rating:  Sweet
Digital Price: $0.99

Book Summary:

High-school junior, Halen Stone is starting a new school in sunny California. When her twin brother, Floyd, brings home his new friend Austin, Halen only has one word: wow!

School, running, babysitting and barbeques bring them together, but one thing keeps them apart, Austin’s gorgeous girlfriend.

A timely break-up and the school’s Halloween dance finally give Halen and Austin a chance to be together…as more than friends.

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“Halen,” a voice called from within the group. Definitely not Floyd’s. She took a deep breath and turned as Austin emerged from the crowd. A leggy blonde in a short skirt and high heels watched them with narrowed eyes.

“Hey,” he said. “I spoke to the coach this morning. He said it was too late to join the team. Something about paperwork and all that. Sorry, I should’ve asked him before I mentioned it.”

“No problem.” It’s not like she wanted to join in the first place. She’d hardly thought about it on her run this morning. Well, perhaps a little. Cross country, of course, not Austin.

“Maybe you and I could run together some time,” he said. “We’re supposed to practice on our own twice a week, but to be honest, I don’t have much willpower when I’m expected to do it myself.”

He wanted to run with her? Really? “Sure. Anytime. You know where I live,” she said with a chuckle. Ha-ha. That was funny, right?

Austin laughed, and from behind him a pair of eyes, heavy with blue eye shadow and dark eyeliner, aimed invisible beams of dislike at Halen’s chest.

Photo of Author Charlotte CopperAbout the Author

As mother to one daughter and two stepdaughters, Charlotte Copper has been reading young adult books for years. The girls have moved out and moved on, but Charlotte’s love of books about young, strong women continues.

Charlotte lives in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada where she works fulltime and likes to craft, go to the movies, read, and of course, write.

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