Happy New Release Day!

Nothing Stays the Same is Now Available

August 16 is release day!!!!! NOTHING STAYS THE SAME is now available for Kindle.

Take a trip back in time to the groovy ’70s with sixteen-year-old Leah Reinard as she tries to stop the boy of her dreams from ruining both their futures.

The release-day price for NOTHING STAYS THE SAME is just $2.99, but this special price is only good through 8/21, so order quickly to get the best price.

Prefer a PRINT edition? The trade paperback version of NOTHING STAYS THE SAME is at the printers now and will be available at the end of the month. I’ll send a quick update to subscribers when it’s available.

Nothing Stays the Same pomotional graphic

One Choice Changes Everything…

The Beat Detectors band logoSoccer star Leah Reinard has been crushing on Brennan Basford for ages. When they end up at the same summer job, she thinks the fates have finally aligned in her favor. That is, until Brennan suddenly disappears. One day he’s there, the next day, he’s gone. And no one but Leah remembers he ever existed.

Brennan’s wish to change the course of his dead father’s life has dropped him back in 1973, on the set of his father’s successful teen sitcom, and into the midst of its disintegrating made-for-TV band, The Beat Detectors.

Brennan’s determined to redirect the course of his father’s young life and create the happy ending the man deserved, but even the smallest change to the past is wreaking havoc with the present.

Can Leah find Brennan in time to stop him from ruining both their futures?

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