Adventures in the UK Day 3 – Downton Abbey

Today we’re visiting the most anticipated spot on my itinerary (I bought the tickets back in March I was so excited that it was open to the public).

Highclere Castle

This view of the entrance to Highclere Castle may be familiar to Downton Abbey fans (minus the tourists, of course).

Highclere Castle frontIt’s just as pretty from the side as well.

Highclere castle side viewNo photos were allowed inside the castle (as it is a private home), but if you’ve seen the Downton Abbey show, you’ve seen the inside of the house because they used many of the rooms in the castle exactly as they are for the show: the main entrance, the dining room, the drawing room, several of the bedrooms.

One of the nice things they had on the tour were large stills from the show taken in the respective rooms so you could spot some little differences, but much of it was the same as you see in the show.

Very grand, very beautiful. I was awed by the views outside all the windows. Views like the one below of the rolling hills that surround the property.

Green lush English countryside - view from HighclereAnd as you can see from those blue skies, we really have been lucking out with the weather. Not a spot of rain in sight and most of all (for those of us from New England), no humidity! It’s been delightful!!!!! I wish all my summers could be like this. 😀

Egyptian Artifcats

Although I didn’t get any pictures in this area, the other fascinating aspect of Highclere Castle is the Egyptian exhibit. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon amassed a large collection of antiquities and was the one who discovered King Tut’s tomb, so quite a bit here to view. Very nicely presented.

Pub Lunch

After the castle, we had lunch at a wonderful little pub near Reading called The Four Points Inn. Delicious food and great service. And look at these flowers! Gorgeous!

Tomorrow we’re off to see the Wolves! Stay tuned.