Adventures in the UK Day 4 – Wolves and Roman Towns

Today we visited two fun places that are relatively close to one another, so not a long drive.

The Wolf Conservancy

You can see several different types of wolves here. The habitats are large, but the wolves are pretty used to people so they come close to the fence for photo sessions. The staff at the conservancy are a wealth of information about the animals and happy to chat and answer questions.

A white artic wolfThey also had an education center with an interesting selection of insects, reptiles, and amphibians you could interact with courtesy of Quirks’ Animal Show.

My son was very excited to hold a baby boa constrictor (shown below) and a giant millipede (next photo down).

holding a giant millipedeThe Conservancy also had two goats you could visit with, but I didn’t get any good pictures of them.

Pub Lunch

After the wolves, we had lunch at a lovely pub nearby called The 6 Bells. They offered a discount to visitors from The Wolf Conservancy. Bargain!

Great food. Beautiful building. Love the flowers everywhere!

The 6 Bells Pub near BeenhamAfter lunch, it was time once again to dive into the past…

Silchester Roman Town

This site is fascinating. It’s the ruins of a real Roman town, dating back to about 200 AD.

While you have to use your imagination for most of the layout, as it has mostly disintegrated back to green cow pastures, there are several walls still intact and the base/walls of the amphitheater are still standing.

Silchester romance city amphitheater signIt’s very easy to walk into this amphitheater ruin and visualize what it must have been like to live here thousands of years ago.

Silchester romance city amphitheater ruinsIt’s a long walk around the wall ruins, but the footpath is clear and the day was beautiful, so we took the hike.

Along the way, we met some students from the University of Reading who were doing an archaeology dig in the driveway of a farm. They were excavating the ruins of a Roman temple recently identified. One of the students was kind enough to show us around the dig and describe in detail what they were looking for, what they were finding, and what would happen when they were done (yes, the farmer gets his driveway back!).

This young man did an awesome job! Very well-spoken and very knowledgeable. Helped bring history to life for us.

Walking along the walls


Tomorrow we’re off to Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Can you guess our destination?











  • authorktrobertscom

    Were those your hands holding that Boa? Yikes! Just seeing the picture gave me the hebegebees~ LOL Now, that’s a word from the past.

    The picture with the woman walking ahead of the tall young man, was that you’re docent or your son?

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  • You’re still a brave soul holding the snake.

    Wow! He’s a giant. Is your hubby tall? Will Spence be joining the basketball team? He’s a sophomore now, isn’t he?


    • My husband is about 6’1″ and Spence is getting close. He’s going into junior year. He likes basketball and plays at home but doesn’t have enough experience to qualify for the team. He’s more into art and music than sports. 😀