New Release: A Bottle of Glass Hearts by RJ Conte

Just in time for Valentine’s day comes a touching collection of short stories about love and unique relationships, including the bestselling “Lucent Sylph,” from author RJ Conte, weaver of deep, emotional fiction.

I’m excited to help unveil the cover for A Bottle of Glass Hearts, available for pre-order now from, and a chance to win a print or e-book copy from the author (see link below).

A Book of Glass Hearts by R J Conte boo cover

Each of the five short stories in this collection touches on love in different, unique relationships: caregiver and child, parent and child, man and woman, teen and pet, and warrior and unsuspecting victims.

When Soleil is hired as caretaker to a young boy born with superhuman powers, it’s up to her hope and optimism to help him survive his dangerous destiny – stopping the core earthquake that will destroy the world.

Her daughter has left the faith, and her heart is dashed in pieces. Then Jesus shows her a room full of bottles in a dream – vessels filled with tears, carrying stories she will never forget.

And one of them is her own.

Rae has the most beautiful hair in the world… and the saddest eyes. Every week she returns to Blaine’s hairdressing shop, saying hardly a word. As he transforms her into the beauty of his dreams, she cries in silence. His heart breaks for her secret sorrow, and he longs to discover the mystery behind her tears

For centuries, Aine and her magnificent kindred have protected the skies from vast, galaxy-sized threats. But her fiercest battle yet will determine the fate of thousands on the unsuspecting planets below. Will she have the creativity and fortitude to defeat this newest enemy?

Lucas Thissel has something he fears: an alien species of palm-sized glass fairies called Lucent Sylphs. They came through a portal from a metaphysical dimension, and they indenture themselves as slaves to human beings. Too much neglect or unkindness, and they will cloud over and disintegrate. Too much love and their hearts are overcome and burst.

And one has attached herself to him.


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Author Photo of RJ ConteAbout the Author

RJ Conte, formerly Rachael Lynn Thomas, has kissed only one boy in her entire life. And she married him, inspiring her to write about sweet or powerful love stories ever since.

RJ Conte writes realistic, issue-driven fiction that explores human nature and the depths of the soul, while pointing readers to their Creator.

She writes a blog on parenting, publishing, painting, and perorating at

Curly Cue Divider in PurpleA Bottle of Glass Hearts will be released on Amazon on Valentines’ Day, February 14th, but you can pre-order your copy now!

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