Writer Productivity: Unlock a New You

[This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you sign up for one of the workshops.]

For a couple years my writing productivity had been in a major slump. Not sure the cause, but I’m sure I could come up with a dozen excuses if I let myself. That’s how it is when you fall into a rut as a writer. It becomes easier and easier to not write when you know you should be writing. And you hate yourself for it. The excuses are like a little devil on your shoulder lying to you, telling you you aren’t good enough anyway, so why bother?

When 2020 arrived (even before the pandemic started), I knew I had to change something if I wanted to continue the writing career I’d worked so hard to get going. I’d received many awards, and published six books, but it was all fading into has-been-ville the longer I procrastinated on my next title.

Questions such as “Is it worth it?”, “Do I really want this?”, “What am I really doing?” plagued me. And then I discovered the wonderful Mel Jolly’s workshops.

I’d been receiving Mel’s newsletter for a while. She’d come recommended on one of my writing loops as someone who worked as a virtual assistant and had great marketing advice for indie authors. Marketing insight may have been my incentive to sign up, but Mel’s newsletters were so much more.

Mel offered advice that could apply to many different areas of my writing career, not just promotion, but most of all it was advice I could use. It spoke to me. It wasn’t just buzz words or ad speak. Every single newsletter I received from Mel had value. There was always something I could use in every issue.

So, when I saw in early 2020 that Mel was offering a workshop called Unlock Your 5-Star Future I immediately checked it out. It was exactly what I needed: a way to add direction and purpose back to my writing career, back to my life really. And since I’d always found value in Mel’s newsletters I was confident I would find value in this class.

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And I was right. Unlock Your 5-Star Future changed my life. I know that sounds exaggerated, but it’s not. This workshop has given me a new daily routine that results in results. I’m writing again, I’m producing new projects, I’m setting goals and I’m achieving them. But most of all, the workshop really changed how I viewed my goals, my successes, my failures, and heck, really, myself. It got me thinking hard about what I want and gave me the tools to make a solid plan on how to get it. That little devil on my shoulder? Gone! I believe in myself again. And that in itself is priceless.

I took the workshop back in early 2020 and to this day, I still do the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks Mel taught us how to do, and I follow the new routine I established through the workshop. I’m writing every day and no longer making excuses why I can’t. But most of all, I feel like a success rather than a failure.

Still not sure if Unlock Your 5-Star Future is for you? That’s okay. You may not have gotten to know Mel through her newsletters the way I did. But you know what? You can! After I took the 5-Star Future class and found such value in it, I signed up for Mel’s FREE 28-Day Joy Challenge, because honestly, as 2020 wore on, I think most of us found we could use more Joy in our life. And just like those newsletters, every daily message was valuable to me and did bring me joy. Try it yourself! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Mel’s words of encouragement and daily tasks get you actively involved in improving yourself and finding joy in your life.

If you like that challenge, or you want to try another of her free offerings, check out this free webinar, Stop Sabotaging Future You FREE Evergreen Webinar. (Yes, it’s really free!)

And that’s just a small taste of how Mel can help you improve your life (and by extension, your writing career). If you love Mel’s free webinar as much as I did I hope you’ll go on to take the Unlock Your 5-Star Future workshop. You won’t be disappointed. It’s made a huge difference in all aspects of my life and I hope it can do the same for you.

Writing is hard enough on its own. Don’t let that little devil on your shoulder make it even harder. Let Mel show you how you can achieve your writing goals and more!

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[This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you sign up for one of the workshops.]