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Current Online Workshops

These workshop are taught via email loops or discussion forums, depending on the writer group hosting the event.

♥ Prep for NaNoWriMo the Bare Bones Way

Get your November novel writing challenge off to a strong start with this pre-plannning method that takes the best of plotting and pantsering and marries them into a process that gives your story a direction to go in, but retains the freedom of discovery that keeps your writing adventure fun.

This class will be held September 4-30, 2022 at Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal RWA (FF&P). Registration is now OPEN.

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♥ Writing the Romantic Novella

In this workshop you will learn what a novella is, how it’s more than word count that separates it from a novel, and how to successfully craft one of your own.

This class will be held September 12-23, 2022 at Aged to Perfection Romance Writers. Registration is now OPEN.

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♥ Freedom and Framework: Story Planning for Pantsers

“Outline” is a scary word for most pantsers. It sounds restrictive, it sounds tedious, it sounds boring. So, there will be no “outlines” here. Nope. None. Instead, you’re going to build yourself a “framework” for your story that’s open and flexible, with plenty of room for playing, experimenting, and checking out new ideas off the beaten path whenever the inspiration strikes you.

This class will be held October 10-28, 2022 at Savvy Authors. Registration is now open.

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♥ On Your Mark, Get Set: Starting Your Novel in the Right Place

On Your Mark, Get Set will help you pinpoint where your story really begins and help you cull that extraneous back history from the opening, saving it for where it really matters, the rest of the book.

This class will be held in May, 2023. Please check back later for more details.

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♥ How to Design and Teach an Online Workshop

Thinking you might want to teach your own online workshop for RWA chapters or another writer organization, but aren’t sure how to start? How to Design and Teach an Online Workshop can help!

This class was last held February 7-20, 2022 at Contemporary Romance Writers RWA.

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Retired Workshops

• Grow a Book: Turning Your Story Idea into a Workable Plot

Grow a Book by Catherine Chant book cover

Learn how to grow your story idea into a full-fledged book and avoid the pitfalls of unsympathetic characters, superficial conflict, and a weak plot. This workshop is now retired, but I have created an e-book version that includes all the lessons and exercises from the workshop.

***Available now at***

Also available at other major online retailers like B&N, Apple, Kobo, and more!

Now available in AUDIO at all major audio book retailers such as Audible, Kobo, and Apple.

Recently added to Authors Direct. (You can listen with their free app.)

• Character Journaling: Developing Stronger Characters From the Inside Out

Book Cover for Character Journaling: Developing Stronger Character From the Inside Out


Gain a better understanding of what makes your main character tick, what drives your character through the story, and how conflict affects character growth and change. Journaling is a fun way to dig deep below the surface to unlock your character’s hidden secrets and bring that character alive on the page.

This workshop is now RETIRED, but e-book and audio book versions are under development.

• Microsoft Word for Writers

This workshop covered version of Word ’97 thru 2013 and focused on the features most important for fiction writers. It is now RETIRED.

• Turn Your Blog into an Author Website

This workshop covered all the information you need to create an author website at the free blogging site Due to the frequently changing interface of that made the step-by-step instructions quickly obsolete, this workshop is now RETIRED.

• Principles of Good Website Design for Writers

This workshop covered information needed to create an aesthetically pleasing and effective website. Due to dwindling attendance and interest in this topic, this workshop is now RETIRED.

• Writing Young Adult Fiction

Young adult fiction is more than stories with younger characters. This workshop covered the elements that go into a successful young adult novel and the genre expectations. It is now RETIRED.